Modular Construction

Modular Home

One of many available custom modular construction home styles

Mansfield Custom Homes is the regional builder for Huntington Homes of Vermont.  This family owned business has a track record of quality homes built using the efficiency of modular construction.  We were first attracted to Huntington Homes in 1992 when we saw the value in the product as we were building our first new home.  Since then, the company has been continually inovating, and the homes being built today are solid, efficient, and beautiful.  We love building these homes!

Huntington Homes background:  Starting in the early 1700′s, Yankee craftsmen pre-built house frames in their own yards and transported them to the house sites around town. This method of construction took advantage of; familiar building conditions, access to tools, decreased travel time for the craftsmen, and consequently, increased efficiency and quality of home building. Huntington Homes, Inc. continues the tradition and ingenuity of these original craftsmen.

What is a modular home?

A modular home is an off-site traditionally framed (or stick built) home built in a controlled environment and then transported to your site for final assembly. Each home is built to the local building codes for where the house is being delivered. Huntington Homes use the same materials and construction techniques that any quality on-site builder would use. However Huntington Homes installs them with more accuracy. Rather then cut rafters with a speed square and skilsaw, Huntington Homes uses jigs and a $10,000 radial arm saw. Rather then cut wall studs to length, they are purchased pre-cut. Rather then squaring roofs 2 stories up in the cold rain and snow, roofing systems are squared at ground level with jigs.  These are the kind of innovations and efficiencies that can only be accomplished in a controlled environment.  You new home is solid, straight, and the materials have never been exposed to the weather.  Anyone (including me) who has watched carpetners framing a stick built home the the pouring rain and mud knows what an advantage this is to the quality of your new home.

For more available modular home plans, visit our partners Huntington Homes.