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Mansfield Custom Homes is proud to be a partner builder with Timber Block USA.  Timber Block offers a vast line of true stacked timber and log home packages.  Located just north of us in Montreal, PQ, the company has entered the US market in 2011 with great fanfare.  Timber Block’s panelized, stacked and insulated product is the future of building.  These homes are truely stacked log (or timber) and the patented technology makes them as efficient as they are beautiful.

The panelized system utilizes a true stacked log construction method to provide both superior strength and greatly reduces the installation time required at the build site. The exterior wall structure can be assembled in under one day. The inside and outside of the exterior walls are pre-finished in the quality controlled environment of the factory, not on-site where inclement weather can affect the untreated wood of traditional log homes which could be left on-site and untreated for weeks. Only a second coat of sealant is recommended on site.

The stacked log walls are assembled inside the factory; bolted, bonded and finished to ensure a quality home arrives to you.  Timberblocks proprietary process ensures the wall is straight and level, not only when the walls leave the factory, but more importantly when the stacked log walls are raised on-site. Quality in, quality out – Timber Block’s commitment to you.

Due to the panelized method of Timber Block’s stacked log system, no craftsman or skilled “log home” general contractor is required to construct the exterior walls. In a traditional log home, most general contractors would not be interested in building a traditional log home due to the inherent special requirements of stacking logs on-site. Timber Block’s proprietary system allows any GC to assemble the walls in hours.

Most importantly, Timber Block provides a fully qualified and skilled technician, at no additional cost, for every Timber Block home. Timber Block’s technician remains on-site at your home until the walls of your house are raised, ensuring our quality commitment to you.

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